Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Children occupy a very special “niche” in our society. The early years form the foundation for later development – physically, intellectually, socially and emotionally. Therefore, learning must be real, must be rewarding and must build on children’s lives.

In today’s world many children do not spend the first years of their lives in sheltered home settings. They are up with the alarm clock, their days are structured and scheduled, they come in contact with many child care providers and they must learn to get along with other children in groups. Because they are profoundly influenced by the people, experiences and events they encounter, we, as adults, must be responsible in helping them with the skills and attitudes they need to become a happy, responsible and productive adult.

our objective

Our OBJECTIVE is to create a setting that is supportive to positive child guidance whereby children are helped to reach their full potential. To plan activities that will develop independence, enhance motor skills, encourage creative thinking and promote the ability to co-operate with others. Our long term GOAL for Child Guidance must be to equip children with the skills and attitudes they will need for a happy, responsible and successful future.