Pre-School 2-3 YEAR OLDS


Our focus in this group is to begin the Foundation for Early Learning. We are always looking for ways to expand their learning that will keep them interested and engaged while having fun. At such an early age, our focus is to instill in them the importance of using manners, taking turns, and sharing. As potty training is an important development in children this age, we are also happy to join in the process of working with our families to accomplish this rewarding step.  


We also concentrate on learning the basics such as colors, numbers, letters, shapes, and the use of scissors. Our days are full of fun-packed activities, nature walks, and even class trips to different places within the city; no two days are ever the same. We believe that giving children the freedom to choose and expand their interests will help them to grow in a positive way so that they are prepared for the next stage in their development. Our inspiration to expand their learning comes directly from our children’s own interests and desires to explore both their natural and imaginative worlds.